The ARK team has recently released their updated version of a blockchain creation package called ARK Deployer. The original ARK Deployer was released over a year ago to facilitate easy blockchain creation and to launch your very own ARK based chain. Recently it has been completely updated and is now compatible with the new ARK Core v2 codebase.

The ARK Deployers primary purpose is to help you quickly create your own blockchain by following simple instructions using the Deployer CLI. With basic technical knowledge, you can be up and running with your own blockchain in less than half an hour.

The ARK Deployer is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a custom blockchain based on ARK technology. Whether it is for learning purposes, start-ups or commercial applications, the Deployer is your solution to create your very own blockchain.

Follow this full step by step guide on how to deploy your blockchain:

This new version is no longer limited to just a single Bridgechain network like previous versions. The Deployer now creates new instances for your main chain along with test networks, giving you a fully customizable environment setup for bridgechain development. Giving you or your team a solid foundation for your new project or ideas and letting you create applications on top of an already established network.

Deployer launches your blockchain with pre-configured blockchain parameters that can be adjusted to fit your custom needs. This includes the ability to change your networks to either Dynamic or Static Fee configuration. You can also choose a set amount of peers/delegates, mass licensing auto updates, block times, block rewards, coin name, block times and so much more. This all-in-one package launcher also provides you with your own block explorer and everything is easily compatible with ARK wallets. Giving you full instant access to an entire suite of tools for your network.

The ARK Deployer v2 will be the base for the upcoming graphical user interface (GUI version) that will allow for quick and easy blockchain creation, making ARK a true Push Button Blockchain creation environment. Currently, there is no exact date for release yet, but it is in the works and progress can be tracked via the ARK Roadmap.

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