Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has asked the crypto community to be mindful of the malicious agents who are posing as them and asking for a listing fee. Bittrex has also posted a new job opening for a security engineer who would help with designing best practices at the organization and operational processes that manage risks.

The Listing Fee Debacle

Bittrex stated that it is aware of scammers who pose as the exchange and ask for deposits to list a coin. Bittrex took to Twitter to inform the community about the issues, writing:

“We’re aware of scammers impersonating Bittrex by offering fake listing agreements in exchange for security deposit tokens. Don’t fall for it. We DO NOT charge a listing fee.”

One Twitter user @Zabisara asked the exchange what they charge $500,000 for if not to list a coin. To this, Bittrex replied that no listing fee is charged on any platform run by the organization, whether its or Bittrex International and provided a link to its website where it details its listing procedure.

Job Open for a New Security Engineer

Highlighting Bittrex’s importance on security, the exchange is also currently hiring for a security engineer. In a recent job posting, Bittrex said that the exchange needs passionate professionals in the cybersecurity area who can work to embed security intelligence into its future. The exchange noted that security is its top priority.  It said that a deep understanding of information security was essential for the candidate, writing:

“Maybe it’s cryptography, network security, software security, malware analysis, forensics, security operations, incident response, and/or emergent security intelligence.”

The candidate will be helping the exchange work with the industry’s best practices, manage risks, work on security protocols, and more. The organization didn’t mention any specific criteria in education and experience or mention the salary that would be paid.

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