Crypto News Summary – 27th January 2018

News update for 27th January 2018

At blokt, we try to keep you updated on everything that is happening. Here’s a quick rundown of things that are happening in the world of crypto.

A $2 billion ICO Planned by Telegram

Telegram owns and operates an encrypted messaging app, and they are launching a huge coin offering this month. Just like any ICO should, the written offering is well presented, and it’s reported that Telegram has already had a considerable investment from Benchmark Capital of around $500 million. The strategy for Telegram is to create an entirely new blockchain platform and introduce their own currency.

Free Crypto-Trading for All

Another company, Robinhood, which started business in 2013 as a commission-free stock app for use on mobiles, is looking to add Bitcoin, Ethereum, and about 14 other currencies to its market.

Founders of Robinhood, Baiju Bhatt, and Vladimir Tenev, are promising free trading, unlike Coinbase, which charges as high as 4% per transaction.

Half a Memory for Half a Dollar

Other news is that rapper 50 Cent seemed to forget he had $8 million invested in Bitcoin.

How did he end up with that amount? His album, ‘Animal Ambition’, released in 2014 could be purchased using Bitcoin.

Looking back to that time, Bitcoin was worth about $660, and the album purchases totaled around 700 coins. A cool $8 million! Remember 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy in 2015. He indeed forgot about those Bitcoins. So did the bankruptcy court, it seems.

When asked about this newfound riches, 50 Cent said he “had forgotten about that s***!”

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