For most people, cryptocurrency is a little-understood subject, which is understandable since digital coins were only thrust into the global limelight after 2017’s bull run. Thankfully, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) aims to address this lack of proper information on cryptos and blockchain by offering an online program that’s even CPD certified.

LSE Responds to Growing Interest in Cryptos and DLT

In a post, the London School of Economics and Political Science announced the launching of a new program called “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption.” According to LSE, the course is the university’s response to the growing interest and need by potential investors and businesses to get a clearer understanding on how to evaluate different cryptos as well their potential uses. Especially amidst the backdrop of a highly volatile environment.

The new crypto course is also in line with LSE’s motto, which is to “understand the causes of things.” The program aims to teach students the necessary knowledge and skills on how to execute trades and interact with crypto exchanges. These skills include how to evaluate the analytics of an initial coin offering (ICO) as well as how to use crypto wallets.

Broader, Forward-looking Understanding of Cryptos, Blockchain

Aside from these technical skills, the program also aims to teach students on how to view cryptocurrency from a broader perspective. It will give participants the opportunity to explore the potential impact of cryptos, and the blockchain technology behind may have in the areas of global finance, industries, markets and even the future of money.

With this broader view on things, the course might help students get a grip on the market’s volatility enabling them to make more accurate assessments of crypto assets. However, LSE warns that, while students will be totally immersed in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies during the course, the university won’t be giving away any “cryptocurrency investing advice, or investment or financial advice.

Online CPD Certified Program

LSE’s Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption program offers the convenience of homeschooling since it will be entirely done online. The program will run for an estimated 60 hours of learning and costs £1,800.

The course will be particularly useful to individuals working in the U.K. since the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service certifies it. However, even for those non-U.K. based participants, the knowledge gained from the course will prove to be invaluable especially for those who are planning to invest in cryptos.

The course will start on August 14, 2018, and will run for around six weeks where students must commit 7-10 hours each week to finish the course. LSE did not impose any prerequisites for the program, which means that everyone interested can participate.

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