Disappointing market conditions are not deterring Dash as the coin is moving steadily in the direction of increased adoption. Recently, Dash partnered with ePaymints, a global merchant account to extend its payment services to a broader user base. The coin has also been listed on the 3XBIT exchange where it will be open for trading in Ethereum, Litecoin, and other pairs.

New Merchant Partnerships

Dash’s latest partnership is with a global merchant account and payments processing solutions provider ePaymints. Dash noted that the partnership would help in accelerating the adoption of the coin in industries that are based on cash and have high chargebacks. Dash Core Group’s global head of business development Bradley Zastrow explained how the currency would reach the markets that need their payment solutions the most.

He said:

“Cash-based and high chargeback industries pay much higher credit card fees on average, and that’s when they are lucky enough to get credit card acceptance – often that’s not an option. This is an obvious use case for Dash, and we’re proud to be recognized by ePaymints as the leading cryptocurrency positioned to solve these payment problems. Already, there are client integration consultations underway, and together, we look forward to expanding the Dash ecosystem.”

ePaymints CEO Jodi Durst said that their company has worked with almost every merchant solution available and noted that merchants are adopting cryptocurrencies at an increasing rate. Durst also noted that Dash has been a part of the merchant adoption trend and that the company is finding it an exciting opportunity to bring the crypto payment solution to their clients.

Dash Listed on 3Xbit

Apart from finding a better footing in the merchant payments sector, Dash has also been listed on 3XBIT, a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange from Brazil. Dash will now be trading in pairs with Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, ATM Cash and Smart Cash. The exchange doesn’t follow KYC unless a user is withdrawing funds in Brazilian fiat currency. New users can get started on the exchange with just a phone number and an email address.

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