For Jonald Fyookball, developer of Electron Cash, and a strong believer in the mission of Bitcoin Cash, the latest BCH fork is all about getting rid of the controversy and focusing on the basics. In his most recent Medium post, he talked about the chain of events that led to the contention between the two camps, the birth of two competing chains and how the BCH ABC chain is better off without the grand technobabble of Craig S. Wright (CSW).

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CSW’s Departure Is a Good Thing

Fyookball, in his blog, doesn’t shy away from claiming that CSW’s departure from the chain is a “wonderful thing.” He added further:

“This self-described ‘tyrant’ has been expunged, and now we can get back to our mission of bringing peer-to-peer electronic cash to the world.”

He acknowledged that the markets had seen a bloodbath because of Bitcoin Cash contentions but said that prices would stabilize once the chaos is over. He also noted that the BCH ABC team would continue building their product regardless of the price.

In the post, Fyookball notes that CSW’s behavior must be called out because he has done significant damage to the BCH community and the cryptocurrency sector at large. The ‘Faketoshi,’ as he is called for making several unconvincing claims that he is the original Satoshi Nakamoto, is often called out for not having enough technical proficiency. The glamorization of whom the founder of Bitcoin is could have helped him gain prominence in the world of digital assets.

Frauds, Plagiarism, and Broken Promises

The article points out that CSW has plagiarized his papers, tried to take credit as Satoshi and was even involved in trading on Mt. Gox between 2013 and 2014. Fyookball also points out the promises he made to the BCH community. He made tall promises like building a mining pool to ‘stop SegWit,’ bringing bigger companies into the BCH sphere and finding a fungibility solution based on blind threshold signatures. This caused friction in the community.

He was then supported by nChain, which introduced a new set of rules to the chain right before the scheduled bi-annual hard fork was about to happen. Other developer groups like Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, and others found the changes incompatible with their plans which led to another huge controversy for the chain.

Finally, nChain and CSW built their own software BitcoinSV, believing that “out hashing” other groups will make their ideas acceptable. The chain divided into two with the Bitcoin Cash ABC chain and Bitcoin Cash SV chain.

Fyookball says that CSW can do whatever he wants with the BitcoinSV chain and the good thing is that he will never influence the rest of the Bitcoin Cash community again. He said:

And all the negative things and negative people that were a consequence of his involvement in Bitcoin Cash are gone with him.

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