EOSIO, better known for holding the most successful initial coin offering (ICO) in terms of funds raised, announced on Nov. 21st EOSIO, V1.5.0-rc1 software as a Release Candidate. The firm says that it is collecting user feedback to improve the developer experience when building applications on the EOS platform.

The new software version has a couple of improvements and enhancements. The company will label new future versions of EOSIO and EOSIO.CDT as ‘Release Candidates’ (-rc) so that they can be thoroughly tested and documented; and after a few cycles, they can be promoted to the ‘stable version.’

Highlights and Enhancements of the Release Candidate

The company notes that one of the most driving factors in its release candidate is improving the performance of its blockchain protocol and working towards making it one of the fastest blockchain protocols on the market.

The Multithreaded Signature Verification has been improved to introduce efficiencies in key recovery, “which is now managed on separate threads via a thread pool in the controller when applying a signed block.” The improvement in performance will be visible during block propagation and when syncing a new node.

The State History Plugin was released to allow real-time/streaming access to data on-chain. The plugin is released as an Alpha and EOSIO is counting on user feedback from the developer community to learn how it affects development workflow on the EOSIO platform.

Recommended Reading

Updates were made to Whitelisting and Blacklisting, a development that will benefit block producers as they will be better equipped to respond to “arbitration issues in the community and resolve disputes and recovery issues on the EOSIO public blockchain.”

EOSIO is in competition with Tron and Ethereum as these platforms enable developers to build decentralized applications (Dapps) on them.

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