The Ethereum Foundation is looking for decentralized applications that could solve real-world problems in emerging economies.

These decentralized applications could help in embracing the spirit of Kaizen that is a continuous change for the better.

Working Towards an Open Future

Asking for dApps submissions in a new blog post, Ethereum highlighted a talk by Aya Miyaguchi at Devcon 4 which focused on Ethereum being the “representative of hope for an open future.”

The Foundation said that the Ethereum community reflects the spirits of Kaizen, which means changing continuously for the better.

It also said that developers are the ones to execute the vision of the Foundation.

Therefore, they can together build a more globally accessible, free and trustworthy internet leading to a society with less injustice and imbalance.

It added:

“If you, or someone you know, is building an application on Ethereum aimed at solving real-world issues, we would love to hear from you. Please take part in our short 3-5-minute survey, now available here.”

Platform for Those Who Solve Issues

The Ethereum Foundation noted that the initial dApps were conceptual in nature, but as time has passed, developers are now solving challenging issues in their communities using these applications.

It said that Ethereum considers it a responsibility to highlight these efforts and the positive work of those who help it realize its mission.

It noted that the Foundation is focused on connecting underfunded and new builders with more involved members of the blockchain sector, through programs like the scholarship track at Devcon.

The Foundation wants to get in touch with upcoming Dapps, especially those that improve the world.

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