Ethereum Hits $500

Ethereum has a bright future ahead


After the Bitcoin price passing the major milestone of $10,000 earlier today, Ethereum was next in line to make new highs. At 12:52 UTC, the Ethereum price broke through the $500 price point to reach $512 on Bitfinex. Bitfinex and GDAX are the exchanges to watch during Ethereum price moves as they are the largest cryptocurrency exchanges for ETH/USD volume.


Ethereum seemed destined to trade around the $300 price point, moving very little between mid-September and October. November, however, has been very promising, seeing new all-time highs and a significant pick up in trading volume across various fiat and cryptocurrency pairs.

With masses of ERC20 crypto projects getting to work after raising capital during ICOs, this price point could be just the beginning for Ethereum. With these projects working towards production, and a plethora of new companies joining the EEA, Ethereum has a bright future ahead.



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