Blockchain gaming is a relatively new industry and finds its footing amidst gaming enthusiasts and blockchain geeks alike. However, it could enter the mainstream sooner than many people expected.

There is a buzz circulating currently that game developer Arcade Distillery is preparing to launch a new game designed for PS4 that will feature nonfungible tokens (NFTs) built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Plague Hunters Set to Revolutionize Gaming

Arcade Distillery’s newest game Plague Hunters is a single-player game and a turn-based strategy RPG that comes with some PvP elements. The game is a sequel to Plague Road, a successful game on PS4. The game developer creates titles for PS4, PS Vita and competing consoles like Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The free-to-play game comes with a P2P transactions marketplace that has already been passed by the Sony review process. It successfully passed all the terms and conditions for PlayStation. As the marketplace contains significant numbers of blockchain elements, its inroad into the mainstream gaming market is a huge win for the sector. It is the first time that any blockchain based game has passed the review.

Plague Hunter’s in-game assets like weapons and units will be pegged to non-fungible tokens available on the Ethereum blockchain. The game could be available from Q1 2019 and will also have PC and Nintendo Switch versions. The company is also looking into Xbox One and mobile editions.

But…Plague Hunters Is Not Alone

If there is anything that game developers are learning about blockchains, it is that the technology could help them capitalize on current gaming trends. For instance, the multi-player survival game Fortnite reportedly earned $1 billion from in-game purchases.

Now a gaming startup called Mythical Games is coming out of the shadows to leverage blockchain. The startup recently raised over $16 million in Series A funding. However, instead of Ethereum, it will depend on the EOSIO blockchain, in order to create player-owned economies.

CEO John Linden commented on the fundraising, saying:

“The investment from Galaxy, Javelin, and our other new investors will allow us to ignite a new approach to developing games, giving players and content creators a bigger stake in the games they love. We believe this new economics will come to dominate gaming, resulting in an even bigger addressable market for the industry.”

The initial lineup of the company is on the way and would be making an impact on the gaming world soon.

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