The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum announced an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on its Twitter account, to be held on Monday, June 18. It also announced the agenda of the 90-minute session on its website, which will draw more focus on the fundamentals of blockchain technology, its uses, and its future. The organization aims to discuss the nascent technology on a safe platform, helping citizens avoid confusion and reckless decisions.

A Tweet Stirs Excitement

The Brussels-based organization made the announcement of its AMA session on its website and Twitter account. The @EUBlockchain tweet read, “Discover the agenda of our coming ask me anything session on Blockchain! June 18th @ 6pm CEST. Ask your questions now using #AMAblockchain @EUBlockchain,” and redirected the users to its website for more information.


This move by the Forum suggests the seriousness of the EU in its focus on creating a safe blockchain environment for its citizens. Anyone interested in participating can drop send a tweet mentioning @EUBlockchain with the hashtag #AMAblockchain.

What Does the Forum Do?

The Forum was established formally in February 2018 by the European Union and an Ethereum-based start-up, ConsenSys. At the time, the two partners aimed to help educate the citizens and make several policy patchworks that could create an enabling environment like the European Single Market for the technology.

The organization will focus especially on cross-border partnerships among European nations. The Forum has been actively hosting several workshops and panel discussions to investigate the best way in which this new tech could be evolved and utilized. It will also guide the bloc on blockchain policy-making and help in utilizing the 340-million-euro fund announced in April by the European Commission.



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