In a blog post published on Dec. 12th, Peter M. Dray, the co-founder, and CEO of FITBLOX, a Wyoming-based fitness startup told about their new dApp and its use of the EOS platform. The new startup has a vision of combining secure fitness technology with incentive-based social media. FITBLOX’s dApp enables users to have complete control of their data and content by having access to fitness-tracking technology mixed with a social media experience based on an incentive system.

More About the FITBLOX dApp

The FITBLOX dApp uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm as the basis for its weight-based voting system. According to the startup’s website, FITBLOX is composed of crypto experts, health enthusiasts, and developers with a passion for technology and fitness.

The team began working on their project in 2017 as they were guided by the belief that an incentive-based platform that rewards users for creating and curating content was the future. They did their research and realized that the existing social media apps had flaws in security and censorship.

They further discovered that the health and fitness sector presented them with a good opportunity to venture into business. Fitness apps are used by 200 million people on a global scale and represent one of the fastest growing categories.

The 2018 Under Armour Myfitnesspal breach – which left the personal data of 150 million users compromised – cemented the team’s notion that they had to do something to protect user data which was at the mercy of exploitation by criminal actors.

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The team has completed its “technical stack and architecture framework” and have built “development architecture and development environment for” their roadmap. They are still in the early stages of the dApp design and are planning to launch the Alpha and Beta versions in Q1 2019 and Q2 2019 respectively. The GA release of the dApp will be done in the second half of next year.

dApp Development on EOS

Dray claims that they delayed their dApp development so that it would “coincide with the EOS MainNet launch which was slotted for Jun. 2nd.

He pointed out that EOS was the only blockchain protocol they could use because it can “handle the high level of transactions that a fitness/social dApp will demand at scale,” further adding that “DPoS and stake-weighted voting functionality are critical components for” them.

He said that they couldn’t use the Ethereum platform for two reasons – it is “slow at 12 transactions per second (TPS) and too costly with gas fees.

Dray highlighted that they are humbled by the positive feedback and support they have received from the EOS community. He lauded the high level of support as one of the reasons behind their decision to develop their dApp on the EOS blockchain. It turns out that of FITBLOX’s team members are actively engaged in EOS events, and this has helped them to “gain valuable insights and overcome challenges with the aid of developers and block producers that have literally reached out to” them.

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