Former Visa UK CEO Marc O’Brien claims that the start-up he is running, Crypterium, is  bringing cryptocurrency to the masses with a straightforward user experience backed by the fastest service for sending and receiving crypto-based payments.

Crypterium to Run the Fastest Cryptocurrency Transactions

Crypterium published an official press release on August 14, stating that the fintech start-up provides almost instantaneous crypto-based payments. The team representatives stated that Crypterium is able to process a million transactions per second.

CEO Mark O’Brien added:

“We have analyzed the most popular crypto wallets in the market, and none of them offer anything like it, though it sounds so exciting.”

A day before the press release, Crypterium published a post on Twitter promoting its cryptocurrency payment service as a way of sending and receiving cryptocurrency without even owning a wallet.

In the video, Crypterium explained that with their service, cryptocurrencies can be sent simply by using the recipient’s phone number without the need for creating a digital wallet.

Other Services Offered by Crypterium

In a live interview for FinTech News Network, Marc O’Brien presented Crypterium as a way of solving problems that less tech-savvy crypto users encounter when creating and choosing digital wallets.

Apart from the fastest crypto-based payments, O’Brien stated that the company also offers other services including the ability to use cryptocurrencies to top-up supported prepaid mobile phones.

The CEO added that their service also allows users to liquidate their crypto balances withinstant crypto-fiat conversion, which is especially useful for users in certain countries.

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