Charlie Shrem is a force to be reckoned with in the world of cryptocurrencies. On Monday, he threw his weight behind Friend, the Internet OS.

Shrem, who is well known as a crypto evangelist and Bitcoin pioneer will be joining the board of the Friend project as an advisor. The visionary entrepreneur is expected to bring his crypto industry experience and use it to help the platform flourish.

What Is Friend?

Friend is a digital ecosystem technology utilized for distributing access to software, collaboration tools, and cloud-based services. The entire ecosystem is available within a browser tab while delivering an operating system like experience on any device.

Friend tweeted about Charlie’s arrival on the project, writing:

“Some VERY exciting news today – we’ve teamed up with #bitcoin pioneer @CharlieShrem #blockchain #cryptocurrency #Decentralization.”

Shrem appeared for an interview on FriendChat, saying:

“As soon as I got that, it was such a big deal for me that I had to be involved in this project, it really is such a huge deal. I’m really excited to be working with these guys and building the future. As soon as I log in, everything is encrypted and private… and there’s no thumbprint that I was on that computer”.

Who Can Use the Friend Internet OS?

All the features of the Friend OS will only be available to those who hold the Friend Token (FRND). These token holders will also be involved in the governance of the platform. Friend allows its users to decide the future developments of the project, helping to ensure the transparency of the platform and provide users what they want.

Shrem noted that the ecosystem rewards people for using the system and helps in creating a more private and decentralized system. The rewards are available in tokens which Shrem says is “amazing.” Users who pledge their resources are provided rewards, with their revenues growing as much as 24x more than those of crypto miners.

Co-founder and CEO of Friend, Arne Peder Blix said that the team is happy to have Charlie as an advisor. He praised his experience and insight in the field of cryptocurrencies, calling them helpful for their project. Shrem, he noted, will help in ensuring that Friend exists on “millions of computers around the world.”

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