Ethereum’s ability to facilitate the creation of decentralized applications has helped it become one of the top three crypto and blockchain platforms in the world. However, during Q3 2018, the number of apps developed on the platform dropped significantly. A new report by is now throwing light at the state of decentralized application development, suggesting that a vast majority of dApps are being produced for the gaming and betting industries.

Betting and Gaming DApps Are Top on Ethereum

In the third quarter of 2018, about 224 new dApps were released on Ethereum. Of these, 110 apps, making up for 49 percent of the total were designed for betting. 66 dApps were dedicated to gaming, which is 29 percent of the total. Finance dApps on the other hand, amounted to only 4 percent development as only nine such apps were launched on Ethereum in Q3.

In the second quarter, the total number of dApps developed on Ethereum was 375. The total number of active applications has gone up to 622 from 577 in the second quarter.

According to use distribution, DEX apps dominate the market with 49 percent of users while gaming and betting account for 18 percent and 15 percent of the market. As far as transactions are concerned, 44 percent of the market was captured by DEX, but gaming and betting increased their share to 29 percent and 20 percent respectively.

The Most Popular Apps

IDEX outperforms other apps in all measures, be it the total number of users, average ranking, number of transactions and total transaction volume. CryptoKitties follows closely with the fourth highest number of users and the second highest number of transactions. Other gaming apps that ranked in the top were MLB Crypto Baseball and ETH Town. Betting apps like FOMO3D and were launched during the third quarter with significant impact.

The number of total daily transactions has suffered in the third quarter. The number of daily active dApps users isn’t showing any signs of a positive push either. In fact, users have dropped by 30 percent in the second quarter alone, mostly for DEXs. Despite their market dominance, DEX apps have dropped from 200,000 in Q2 to 115,000 in Q3.

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