What could be the difference between an average 11-year-old child and the son of Google CEO Sundar Pichai? While one may think of several answers, the true difference lies in digital currencies. As per Business Insider, Pichai spoke at the New York Times DealBook Conference this week, revealing that his son has been using their home PC to mine digital currency. Previously, Sergey Brin, Google co-founder had stated that his son also mines Ethereum at home.

Mining Ether at Home

Ether (ETH) is the native crypto coin of the Ethereum blockchain, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. Pichai said that while at dinner with his son the previous week, he was talking about Bitcoin but was corrected by his son, who said that he was referring to. He also told him that Ethereum was “slightly different” and that was mining some of his own. Pichai further noted that he does not have a server at home to help his son in mining. He only has a simpler computer that he built himself.

At a young age, Pichai’s son is clearly very crypto-oriented, and the Google head honcho spoke about how he had to explain the nation’s monetary system to his son and “how paper money actually works.”

He also noted:

“I realized he understood Ethereum better than how paper money works. I had to talk to him about the banking system, the importance of it. It was a good conversation.”

Concerns about Tech Addiction at Home

Pichai said that he is just like every other parent and remains concerned about excess screen time and tech addiction among kids. He also said:

“I do test a lot of gadgets at home, so I have vulnerabilities in terms of how my kids get access to stuff.”

Other top execs in Silicon Valley have similar stories. In July, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said at a conference in Morocco that his son has been mining ETH for some time. Brin’s son wanted to get a gaming PC for which he had to fulfill one condition – mining Ethereum. The father-son duo then set up an Ethereum miner.

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