Cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Global has announced the rebranding of its Prime Lite to FastTrack, three weeks after the product offering service was launched. The Singaporean-based trading platform also had massive success with its Bitcoin Pizza Day promo which took place two days ago.

Prime Lite Becomes FastTrack

Huobi Global announced yesterday that it has officially rebranded its Prime Lite product offering and is now calling it FastTrack. Prime Lite was launched on May 9, 2019, and it is a niche brand of Huobi Prime which offers listing opportunities for blockchain projects.

According to the official announcement, Huobi FastTrack is designed to attract quality blockchain projects that are listed on other cryptocurrency exchanges. FastTrack will target popular projects that have active community support all over the world.

Huobi listed some criteria for projects to fulfill before they can be a part of FastTrack. Some of the conditions include; having a good trading volume and strong community support, willingness to distribute roughly 500,000 USDT equivalent of its digital currency at a 50 percent discount, and the willingness to work jointly with the Huobi.

The Singaporean-based exchange is aiming to announce five FastTrack project candidates per month, with Huobi users allowed to vote on the projects weekly to determine those that would be listed. Only one project will emerge as the winner per week, and Huobi will list it the same day.

In a blog post, Huobi provided more details regarding voter eligibility, the voting process, FastTrack listing, Huobi Token burn, and the voting reward. Huobi revealed that users that participate in the voting process would be eligible to purchase the Huobi Tokens (HT) at a discounted price.

Huobi Token’s Impressive Price Rally

Huobi’s achievements over the past few months seemed have rubbed off on its native token, HT which has been performing excellently recently. A look at HT’s price chart shows that it is up by 30 percent against USDT over the past week. It was trading at $2.51 a week ago but has risen in a strong uptrend to trade at $3.2 currently.

The daily trading volume of HT has also gone up during that period. A week ago, HT’s 24-hour trading volume was $113 million. However, it is now up to $177 million.

Huobi Community Happy With Bitcoin Pizza Day Success

Huobi celebrated the Bitcoin Pizza Day in an extraordinary fashion, and the exchange recorded success with its promo. Blokt reported a few days ago that Huobi would be celebrating the Bitcoin Pizza Day by offering amazing deals to some lucky winners.

The crypto exchange sold BTC worth 1.5 million USDT to eligible users at a discounted price. The promo was divided into two rounds. In the first promotional round, Huobi sold 20% of the amount to chosen traders at a 50% discount of Bitcoin’s price.

In the second round, the remaining 80% of the BTC were sold at a 12% discount to lucky traders. Lastly, the Huobi sold Bitcoin to three lucky winners at the original Bitcoin Pizza price of $0.0031 per coin. One of the lucky winners, YaGor, expressed his delight in a tweet yesterday.

The cryptocurrency community was excited about the Bitcoin Pizza Day and Huobi Prime Day, with Charlie Shrem mentioning it on his video podcast. Huobi Prime Day shows Huobi’s commitment to encouraging more people to venture into the cryptocurrency space. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

For those interested in learning more about Huobi Global and its different product offerings, check out our comprehensive Huobi Global Review.

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