The ICON public blockchain ecosystem is getting a big boost from the ICON Foundation as the team has decided to accelerate its expansion strategy.

It has also started the P-Rep pre-registration which will open the gates for P-Rep candidacy.

The team also announced plans to introduce a decentralized exchange and other projects in the first half of 2019.

Going Ahead With Enterprise Blockchain Alliance

ICON will be working with dApp partners through the ICON LAP100 (ICON Loopchain Alliance Program) and ICX Station, its global accelerator program. They will focus on both B2C and B2B products.

ICON has formed partnerships with over 30 companies for collaboration projects, 13 of which were added this year.

Prominent new ICON partners added this year include ‘AC3’, a viral marketing platform from the US, ‘VELIC’, a comprehensive finance platform from Singapore and ‘Somesing’, a social music application.

The ICON Lap100 event was held in late December 2018, with several partners including TeamK, Digitalzone, TheVita, OWDIN Network, Data Alliance, Raonsecure and more.

The ICX Station global acceleration program will help to advance projects Singapore, San Franciso, and Seoul. Deblock, thew Seoul launchpad for ICX Station will help to push Korean dApps into the global market. The team will likely announce a new Tokyo launchpad in the first half of 2019.

A Busy First Half of 2019 Expected for Icon

In the first six months of 2019, ICON will be launching its decentralized exchange (DEX) along with decentralized identification (DID).

The decentralized exchange will support peer to peer exchanges between ICX and ICON mainnet-based tokens (IRC2). The transactions on the platform will be completed via smart contracts for added security and transparency.

The decentralized identification mobile app will allow users to store their personal information in a decentralized database while preventing falsification and duplication.

DID supports user identification for DApps, making it unnecessary to establish a separate ID system within each individual DApp,” said the team.

To finish the announcement, ICON stated:

“The ICON Team will strive to accelerate the expansion of the ICON ecosystem, so join our journey to hyperconnect the world.”

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