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ICON, the smart contract platform, hopes to merge its technological knowledge base with TRIVE‘s regional network to produce blockchain courses. The plan is to teach the courses at TRIVE’s programming schools, Coder School Vietnam and Upcode Academy Singapore.

Partnership Goes Beyond Blockchain Studies

TRIVE is expected to accelerate blockchain startup projects making use of its green lane assessments. Ultimately, the companies aim to consolidate various blockchain assets across Southeast Asia to reach its economic potential.

JH Kim, Foundation Council Member of ICON, said:

“The ICON Foundation’s purpose is to promote and develop new technologies and applications in the fields of open source and decentralized software architectures.”

Kim believes the two companies will be capable of not only educate their communities but also grow his company’s reach, adding:

“The partnership with TRIVE will allow ICON to not only educate the public on blockchain technology but also expand ICON’s ecosystem and community.”

While China, Korea, and Japan might be making a killing in the blockchain industry, they’re not alone in Asia. Kim stated two other Asian countries are at the epicenter of this technological revolution, explaining:

“Singapore and Vietnam are at the center of blockchain innovation in Southeast Asia, and we are excited to work with TRIVE to further realize the full potential of blockchain in this region.”

TRIVE Hopes To Use ICON’s Knowledge With Their Clients

Yi Ming Ng, Partner at TRIVE, said:

“TRIVE believes the Venture Capital industry will evolve tremendously. Our strategic partnership with the ICON Foundation will enable us to equip our startups and community with intellectual and relationship capital leveraging the technology and expertise of ICON, one of the largest global blockchain networks.”

Ng explained his firm was focused on helping entrepreneurs achieve their full potential, providing a pool of resources that go beyond just funding. He stated:

“Our mission has always been to create value for startups beyond just providing funding. This strategic partnership further reinforces our mission and helps us be more relevant in the era of the blockchain. We look forward to working closely with ICON to support the blockchain ecosystem in Southeast Asia.”

As the partnership news travels around the world, ICON is already busy working on their blockchain courses expected to be available by the end of the year. In the meantime, TRIVE has just started accepting blockchain startups in Southeast Asia to help them figure out how the ICON network can work for them.

3 Year Old TRIVE Has been busy

Initially founded as TRi5 Ventures, TRIVE is a Venture Capital firm based in Singapore. The team has seven years of VC experience, and it funds young companies from seed rounds to series A. Apart from working with over 800 startup founders, the firm has also completed well beyond 1,500 one-on-one sessions and supported more than 40 startups in various industries. These include Data Science, Blockchain, FinTech, Deep Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Marketplace.

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