ICONLOOP’s newest project, the ICON Development Network will now be available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. The blockchain project has been a technology partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) since early 2018 and worked on a software solution that could integrate AWS and ICONLOOP. Now, its latest offering will let developers run a private instance of ICON’s blockchain Network through AWS.

What Will the Icon Development Network Provide Users?

The main idea behind launching this project is to help in improving the accessibility, understanding, and convenience while building on the ICON network.

The development-ready platform will be easy to use for the developers, so they can quickly run their private instance of the ICONLOOP blockchain and deploy their own solutions. These private ICON networks can be bootstrapped by the developers, depending on their own needs and convenience. They can use the solution to build, validate and test their project on top of the ICON Protocol.

The private network that will be built on the AWS cloud could be used for deploying dApps as well as for operating the developers’ own services.

A Giant Leap for ICONLOOP

J.H. Kim, the CEO of ICONLOOP commented on this big partnership with AWS and said:

“The collaboration with AWS is part of efforts aiming to help developers building blockchain projects more easily, and ICONLOOP will keep engaging in actions to enhance the convenience of the development environment.”

The partnership could have longstanding effects on the ICONLOOP development community. Steve Cho, the CTO of ICON based decentralized application STAYGE One, noted that dApp development in ICON previously demanded bigger efforts to create and manage a SCORE development environment.

By using the new ICON Development Network within the AWS Cloud environment, the accessibility of ICON dApp development will be improved. It will also help in the easier deployment of test blockchain networks, allowing SCORE validation in several test environments. It will, in turn, help in improving the quality of the dApps on the blockchain.

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