The IOTA Foundation notified its community on Saturday that its combined five-month effort with a team from auto manufacturer Audi produced a positive result.

The team presented the results of the final project to a selected crowd in Ingolstadt and Berlin.

The presentation was successful and provided another example of why it’s important to explore emerging technologies like IOTA with an approach that puts customers at its center.

The Four-month Project

Audi Denkwerkstatt and the IOTA Foundation decided to embark on a four-month journey to explore the opportunities of the IOTA technology and solve real-world problems in mobility, automotive and IoT.

Now, five months since the beginning, the team has presented its efforts to an exclusive crowd in Ingolstadt and Berlin.

The IOTA Foundation claims:

“The presentation was a success, and it was yet another example of the importance to explore new technologies like IOTA with a customer-centric approach.”

Who Did What in the Project?

Audi, during the initial few weeks of the project, dedicated itself to research and interviewed domain experts to define the problem and solution space.

After the exploration phase was complete, the team worked with additional experts in stealth mode to finalize the first prototype, collect user feedback and progress closer to a product market fit.

A team from the IOTA Foundation worked as consultants to the auto manufacturer, helping them on technology, business models and use cases.

Audi’s Malte Schönefeld praises the team from the Foundation saying:

“Exploring new topics is always exciting, and it requires excellent teamwork and dedication to really get something done within six months.”

IOTA’s Janine Härtel appreciated the track record of Audi, and said she was proud to experience the team spirit and work style.

The Foundation’s Jan Pauseback said that the work with Audi is proof that innovation requires a “hands-on mentality” and collaboration.

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