The IOTA Foundation recently underwent some reorganization while reaching some important milestones- like creating the CHAT.ixi applications and work on the Troika hash function.

The Foundation detailed all these development in newsletter #6, published on its blog.

Year in Review, Year in Preview

David Sonstebo took it upon himself on Jan 1, 2019, to talk about the developments of 2018 on behalf of IOTA. He noted how the crypto craze of 2018 mimicked the dotcom era.

He also noted that IOTA Foundation tried to keep its focus on growing resources and their team during the “bull-fear-of-missing-out” periods, to ensure that they have the “vital building blocks of the technology” and long-term success.

The team put a large number of resources into Coordicide and are now working on a breakthrough that would accelerate Coo-less IOTA performance.

The Foundation also signed a MoU with UNOPS to increase the efficiency and transparency of their  differentunits and promote the security of their UN workers in on-field missions.

They also carried forward the +CityXChange initiative, working with the European Smart City Consortium.

The team also signed a MoU with ENGIE lab CRIGEN to experiment with IOTA Tangle in the energy domains.

Ecl@ss, Cybercrypt, and Other Partnerships

In December 2018, IOTA partnered with eCl@ss to simplify and standardize communications across devices equipped with the Internet of Things (IoT) functionality.

The alliance would help IOTA in pushing towards Industry 4.0. eCl@ss has previously helped Lufthansa, Medtronic, Staples, Siemens and the PBS Network to establish yardsticks for classification and description of connected devices.

The IOTA Foundation also partnered with CYBERCRYPT and announced a new lightweight trinary cryptographic hash function.

The function is named Troika and was developed by the cryptographers at CYBERCRYPT. It could be helpful in creating a stronger cryptographic base for the final IOTA Protocol.

IOTA also worked with the Audi Think Tank to find new mobility use cases for the IOTA Tangle.

Meanwhile, the Foundation launched CHAT.ixi, an ICT based permissionless and immutable chat application.

Details of all projects and other IOTA developments can be found on their blog.

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