November has been the most active month for hirings at the IOTA Foundation, with the total number of hires now in double digits. Recently, the Foundation hired Angelo Capossele as a senior research scientist and Dany Shaanan as a research scientist. They hired two more people for their research team earlier this week, highlighting IOTA’s focus on research and development.

Angelo Capossele Becomes a Senior Research Scientist

A Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rome “La Sapienza,” Italy, Capossele is interested in security, privacy, the Internet of Things and applied cryptography.

He has been part of numerous European research projects and contributes to leading scientific publications as well. He has developed a security solution designed to protect critical national infrastructure from cyber-attacks. He has also worked with research centers and companies for developing new technologies.

Angelo has also worked in the creative industry, digital manufacturing, and on smart cities. Angelo has also worked extensively with IoT and underwater networks, which could be crucial for IOTA.

He said that he is passionate about creating open yet secure, innovative and inclusive platforms and is curious and keen on take risks in uncharted territories. Angelo added:

“I think IOTA Foundation has done and is doing exactly this. Proving that, creative and non-traditional ways to shape open and transparent relations among things and people, can lead the way to an efficient and working solution. I am excited to be part of IF team and ready to help improving a very solid core.”

Dany Shaanan Joins IOTA’s Research Team

Dany Shaanan will work as a research scientist in the IOTA Research team and dedicate his expertise and experience to the Coordicide project. The Coordicide is designed to remove the Coordinator, a bootstrapping mechanism that provides greater security for the Tangle.

A mathematician, Shaanan taught himself software development and programmed his first Mandelbrot Set interactive visualizer when he was just 16. He holds a BSc in Mathematics in the Technion where he focused on combinatorics, topology and set theory.

He has previously worked for software development companies, where he worked on mathematical as well as algorithmic challenges. He has also worked in a coveted Israeli startup. He said that his interests in math, technology, and cryptocurrencies made the IOTA Foundation appealing for him. Shaanan said:

When learning of the Tangle and the technological and mathematical challenges ahead, I knew that this is where I would be able to do meaningful and interesting work.

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