The IOTA Foundation has recently added four new members to its ever-growing research team that is quickly becoming one of largest research divisions in the distributed ledger industry.

To oversee the research teams work, mathematician Serguei Popov recently announced the creation of the IOTA Research Council. The Research Council will work with the research department by setting the strategic technological direction, providing academic oversight to research, manage grant funding to academic partners, and monitor collaboration with research organizations and academia.

Helping IOTA’s Quick Growth

In the blog post, Popov noted that the IOTA Foundation supports state-of-the-art distributed ledger technology (DLT) creation which could enable an automated, data-driven society in the future. He noted that the IOTA Foundation has already created a board of directors to set the strategy and vision of their work and a supervisory board that will oversee the work.

He also commented that IOTA currently has one of the largest research teams in the DLT industry which consists of leading scientists, Ph.D. researchers and research professors from around the world. The IOTA Research Council will oversee their work.

What Will the Council Do?

The IOTA Research Council will work with IOTA’s research department and will “set the strategic technological direction, provide academic oversight to IOTA research, assess and grant funding to academic partners, and oversee collaboration with academia and other research organizations.”

The Research Council will include distinguished academics who are leading experts in their respective fields. Overall, the council will be required to provide input to the IOTA research strategy and ensure that the research within IOTA’s research department reaches the highest academic standards. The council currently has three members, Serguei Popov, Dr. Moody Alam, and Professor Gur Huberman.

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