Japan Uses Virtual Currency Girls to Promote Cryptocurrency

Japan’s unique Virtual Currency Girls group has so far raised questions in their attempt to create cryptocurrency awareness as well as providing the masses with approachable education on the subject

So far, not many organizations have genuinely attempted to provide the masses with an easily approachable and accessible method of education on cryptocurrency. Something which seems to be hugely negligent, considering the booming cryptocurrency industry. While the tech-savvy amongst the population benefit from the industry, the majority of the population gets left behind.

However, Japan recently saw the emergence of the Virtual Currency Girls, a group dedicated to raising awareness about cryptocurrency and education the population about how it works as wells as its many benefits. Every member of the group is representative of one of the more popular cryptocurrencies. However, some crypto enthusiasts feel that this system is still far from perfect.


To the rest of the world, Japan has always been an interesting melting pot of its eastern origin and western influences, a factor which is part of its charm, but also perhaps hard to understand for most people outside of the country. Japan’s unique stance has been no different when it comes to cryptocurrencies. While most governments are not proactive in promoting cryptocurrencies, Japan has established a group known as the Virtual Currency Girls, a group of eight women who each represent a top cryptocurrency. Ether, XRP, Bitcoin, and Cardano, are represented, however surprisingly, several top cryptocurrencies are not represented such as Monero, Dash, and Litecoin.

The interesting initiative, however, has raised a lot of questions. The females in the group range between the ages of 15 and 22, and seem to wear something which represents wrestling masks with their representing cryptocurrency’s logo on it.

However, only time will tell how successful this education initiative proves to be. Cryptocurrency has been highly popular in Japan especially since the Japanese government declared bitcoin to be legal tender. Considering the growing craze, the Virtual Currency Girls might prove indispensable to the future of cryptocurrency in Japan. The group is specifically aimed at younger generations, which might set a new standard in the area of cryptocurrency education.

Interestingly, the Virtual Currency Girls seems to have reached almost pop group-status. The group regularly gives live performances and can boast their very own line of dedicated merchandise available for purchase. It is an interesting way of creating awareness, and only the next few years will be able to judge how effective this unique education technique proves to be.



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