ZCL is going through a new fork to ANON and the new privacy coin is already gaining support from John McAfee.

John McAfee Announces the ZCL Fork to ANON

In an announcement that came out on Twitter on Aug 18, John McAfee shared his excitement about the upcoming fork of Zclassic (ZCL) to ANON, which would take place on September 10.

Zclassic was previously in disarray with several development teams seeking to win the ‘official support’ role for it from the team of Bitcoin Private. One of the teams, Zclassic Community Edition (ZclassicCE), sent an official proposal to the BTCP team back in June.

In his post on Twitter, McAfee added that he tested numerous privacy coins and that only a few “have survived,” hinting that a far more superior technology exists, implying that to be ANON.

John McAfee Claims to Support Only Two Privacy Coins

Meanwhile, John McAfee shared a video on Twitter, explaining how privacy coins offer ultimate protection of information related to blockchain-based transactions.

In the video, McAfee added that he only supports two privacy coins, LUXCoin (LUX) and the upcoming ZCL fork, ANON.

He explained the reason behind his support for ANON, stating that the team behind the new ZCL fork is consist of experienced developers and who “produce with absolute certainty. ” He added that the ANON coin is something people should “all be looking at.”

In conclusion, McAfee asked everyone research ANON and LUX, stating that these two coins are going to play a major role in the world of crypto.

However, not all crypto enthusiasts seem to be as welcoming of the latest ZLC fork as some of the comments on McAfee’s video indicated that ANON is “a wannabe BTCP (Bitcoin Private) just trying to shill a pump n dump coin.”

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