Earlier today, the notorious John McAfee announced, via a video uploaded to Twitter, how his run for the US presidency can help the cryptocurrency community. Sat, with a pistol on his lap, a common occurrence in McAfee’s photos and images on social media, he stated the following:

McAfee’s Statement

“People ask how my run for the presidency can help the cryptocurrency community. I’ll give you two examples here: I’ll be including as much of the crypto world as I can, into the political process. For example, some of the first two things I will use is ClearPoll. Why? It allows anyone with a smartphone to vote on any issue and have that vote connected to the blockchain and verified by all. It allows for freedom of expression, free from manipulation of the media, and political parties. This is a tremendous benefit. Second, Docademic, why? Look at the massive amounts of money, time and effort that was put into Obamacare, and then the same amount of effort put into unwinding it. And yet, with the blockchain, with Docademic we have free medical for everybody. Please, see how the run for president itself, not being president but the run for it, the media platform, the stage, can help us all. Now I’ll be adding as many crypto coins, as many…”

You can watch McAfee’s video below:

While the video seems to end abruptly, McAfee’s words are clear. He is willing to use the run US 2020 Presidency to draw attention to the cryptocurrency community, and individual coins within it.

Many Twitter users appear enthusiastic towards McAfee’s run for president in 2020, with his followers expressing excitement below his recent announcement:

McAfee’s Reach

McAfee knows how to drive attention. With an almost constant stream of headlines featuring his name, a pro-Bitcoin and pro-crypto presidential run would almost certainly bring a plethora of attention to the crypto-world. But with previous accusations of rape and murder against McAfee, whether this attention would benefit the community remains to be seen.

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