Justin Sun and Tron’s dApp Domination Plan Gets a Boost With CoinPlan Acquisition

Tron makes another big leap in the dApp space by acquiring leading blockchain app marketplace CoinPlay.

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Tron has just announced that it acquired CoinPlay, the world’s first blockchain app store.

It is yet another big achievement for the ecosystem as Tron marches forward to dominate the dApp space — both in terms of adoption and transaction volume.

The move was confirmed by none other but Tron CEO Justin Sun himself in a tweet earlier today.

Sun tweeted that together with BitTorrent, which the company acquired in July last year, Tron is gearing up to emerge the largest decentralized ecosystem in the world.

The tweet read:


What Is Coinplay and How Does It Help Tron Win the Dapp War?

Readers may recall our previous coverage of how Tron has been upping the ante in the dApp space recently by consistently outperforming EOS and Ethereum. The acquisition of CoinPlay is expected to further boost the ecosystem’s performance in the long haul.

For those out of the loop, CoinPlay hosts a wide range of blockchain apps and dApps that users can download with one click.

From blockchain-powered games and software to practical guides and indices of major digital currencies — the platform basically aims to become a one-stop destination for all blockchain-powered products and services.

Already a major dApp hub, CoinPlay aims to further expand the scope of the platform by including support for GitHub query, multi-platform multi-currency real-time quotes; and multi-platform transaction volume/price.

Not just that, CoinPlay also hosts graphics tutorials to educate new users and offers high-quality content explaining the various aspects of the decentralized digital economy.

Because of its growing stature within the blockchain app/dApp space, the platform has scored strategic investments from several established VC firms and institutions.

To quote Justin Sun about the impact of CoinPlay’s integration into the Tron ecosystem:

“TRON recently completed its MainNet upgrade v. 3.5. As a blockchain-based entertainment ecosystem, we will continue focusing on content and entertainment. The recent acquisition of CoinPlay aims to better serve the blockchain industry. The year 2019 will be the year of exponential growth for the TRON ecosystem.”

Tron Continues to Grow Faster Than Rivals

Tron started the month with a bang and has continued to perform well since. In the week ending March 9, Tron registered a whopping 207% week-on-week growth in transaction volume.

At $180 million, it was way ahead of the rest of the pack with EOS slipping 28% to just over $100 million and Ethereum marginally improving to bag somewhere around $25 million.

More importantly, it was not just weekly-transaction volumes where Tron exerted its dominance. There are more than 200-250 dApps that are currently performing much better than rival platforms including EOS and Ethereum.

The gap separating Tron from its competitors is expected to widen further as it starts utilizing CoinPlay and the platform’s wide reach within the blockchain community.

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