Justin Sun’s idea of buying BitTorrent brought over 100 million customers to the low-priced cryptocurrency network. The Tron founder’s speech to the BitTorrent team, however, contests the perception that it was a commercial masterstroke for the company. Instead, Sun chose to suggest that BitTorrent’s aim to “DeMOcratize the Internet” matches with Tron’s idea to “Decentralize the Web.” A Twitter user released the speech.

Acquiring BitTorrent Creates a Giant Philosophy

In his speech, Sun said:

“BitTorrent has always been committed to one value ‘DeMOcratize the Internet.’ This is very much in line with Tron’s ‘Decentralize the Web.’ The fact that our values are in sync is the driving force behind this acquisition.”

He also said that while the commercial benefits of the acquisition of over 100 million users are the additional perks that Tron gets, the primary objective was to align the two philosophies. He called BitTorrent a champion of the decentralized and democratic Internet.

Tron’s Mission Is to Bring Back Decentralization

Sun noted that when the Internet started, its core philosophy was to bring decentralization to information exchange. He explained Web 1.0 as the beginning of open source technology, which was marred by Web 2.0 and the advent of large tech giants that ended up centralizing the Internet and working for the Wall Street capital. He also said that Web 3.0 focused on mobility in smaller devices like smartphones.

According to Sun, people are now starting to fear the centralized structure of the Internet, which has allowed companies like Facebook to gather massive amounts of data and even get involved in influencing the US presidential elections.

He went on to say:

“We will address all of these issues in Web 4.0 and create a better internet for this era: a decentralized, mass collaborative Internet governed by the community with highly effective, available and convenient Internet apps and services.”

He also noted that, in this way, the decentralized blockchain could change the entire infrastructure of the web, making it what it intended to be in the first place.

Looking forward to the future, he wants to focus on the development of protocol layer and DApp layer in blockchain and also a BitTorrent layer that will help in creating a dominant market for BitTorrent in the world of content and media. He also talked about the development of many more DApps, Internet resources, cloud computing solutions and more.

Finally, he added that this vision would take 10 to 20 years to complete and that he is ready to devote his entire life to the project.

The authenticity of the speech has not been verified yet.

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