Justin Sun, the founder of Tron is aiming to grow TRX to rank as a top-four cryptocurrency by market cap in 2019.

Twitter user Tommy Mustache posted Sun’s goals for 2019 in a tweet, which included the ambitious growth plans for TRX and creating an ecosystem that beats that of Ethereum’s.

The tweet was retweeted by the Tron Foundation and Justin Sun himself giving further validation to Mustache’s assessment.

The Tweet and Justin Sun’s Goals

Tommy Mustache posted the following on Twitter:

The tweet revealed four goals for Tron this year, with the first being Tron’s ambition to become a top-four cryptocurrency globally.

Those positions are currently held by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

Tron is currently placed at 10th position by market capitalization as of January 2019.

The fourth largest current Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) has over $2.9 billion in market cap while Tron currently has just $1.3 billion.

The 3 Other Goals Set for Tron

Tron is also looking to bring BitTorrent’s 100 million users over to its blockchain and create the largest decentralized ecosystem.

An announcement over the last 24 hours by BitTorrent revealed that they are launching a Tron based token, which proves they are well underway to achieving this goal.

Justin Sun also seeks to outcompete Ethereum and create a larger ecosystem than the second generation blockchain project that currently has the second largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Ethereum and Tron both enable the development of decentralized applications and towards the end of last year, some games and dApps built on the Ethereum blockchain migrated to Tron owing to faster transaction speeds and better scalability.

While Ethereum is struggling to solve its scalability issues, Tron’s Project Atlas could be a game changer for the relatively younger blockchain project.

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