Kaleido, a ConsenSys SaaS blockchain project, announced on November 8 the launch of the first full-stack enterprise platform available today. The Kaleido Marketplace aims to assist enterprises to migrate from proof-of-concept stages to live production blockchain networks, by integrating its Blockchain Business Cloud to the Amazon Web Services.

The Threefold Usability of Kaleido

Kaleido Marketplace is recognized by its early adopters as a significantly time-optimizing solution, as it eliminates 80% of the custom code required to build native blockchain projects. It provides its clients with an array of plug-and-play services, spanning from Kaleido’s trusted tools and services, to AWS’s integrations, HD wallets and ID registries for organizational identity.

Additionally, Kaleido has developed a Partnership Program which enables third-party providers to reach a larger audience, by promoting their offerings through the Kaleido ecosystem. Several companies have already adopted the program, such as Chainlink, a smart contract oracle provider, Viant, a supply chain management solution provider, OpenLaw and Clause.io for real-time legal contracts, and others.

OpenLaw Co-founder Aaron Wright said:

“Having our legal smart contract solution promoted in the Kaleido Marketplace creates an instant channel to bring our technology to a global audience and immediate access for new clients.”

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Besides the marketplace, corporations can also benefit from the program, by embedding Kaleido to their own blockchains solutions. Greenfence Consumer, a digital marketing company for Hollywood studios like Sony and Fox, and Radiant Earth, a company that provides open-earth imagery and geospatial data to NGOs, are two indicative examples of companies that embedded Kaleido to enhance their infrastructure. Alternatively, businesses can utilize Kaleido as consultation for accelerating their clients’ blockchain engagements.

Kaleido Brings Blockchain Technology Closer to Corporations

According to Gartner, the blockchain technology added-value for business will exceed $3.1 by 2030 and, therefore, more companies explore ways to develop production-ready blockchain solutions. As most of them struggle due to lack of adequate skills and talent, Kaleido is dedicated “to making blockchain radically simple for organizations to adopt.”

Since its inception last May, it has assisted more than 1000 companies by equipping them with all the necessary tools to create live production state blockchain solutions.

Kaleido Founder and COO, Sophia Lopez said:

We’ve seen successful patterns of deployment as enterprise networks go into production and we’ve baked these best practices into the Kaleido Marketplace services, to help radically simplify the adoption of blockchain and eliminate some of the specialized blockchain expertise needed.

Steve Cerveny, Kaleido Founder, and CEO stood by the fact that the blockchain itself composes just a small percentage of a blockchain project. He added:

There are many other applications, data, and infrastructure components required to go into production. I’m very excited that we have a whole cloud of blockchain technologies pre-integrated for our clients to use. The Kaleido Marketplace is a one-stop shop for all things enterprise blockchain.

One of the most notable clients of Kaleido is Komgo, a cutting-edge commodity trade platform, which consists of a network of reputable financial institutions, such as Citi, ING, Koch Supply & Trading, MUFG Bank, Societe Generale, Credit Agricole Group, BNP Paribas, and Shell.

Souleïma Baddi, Chief Executive Officer of Komgo said:

By building on an open blockchain system, Komgo can select from the best protocols in development across the ecosystem and use existing building blocks for an optimized solution.

Then further adding that:

“Now with the proof of concepts and pilots behind us, Kaleido will help us deliver production-ready products for a large number of participants at a very fast pace.”

The Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud, as well as the Marketplace, is available already for a free trial at the Kaleido website.

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