NEM published a blog post on Nov. 28th highlighting how its blockchain protocol is being utilized by 10-year old Kaede Takenaka to develop a platform that she uses to teach other kids about blockchain technology, the fourth industrial revolution, disruptive technologies, and fiscal management.

Takenaka has a group of educators and blockchain experts who share her vision of seeing kids exposed to these emerging technologies and financial education at an early age – as this can potentially open up possibilities for them in the future.

KidLet Platform and Blockchain Technology

The constant evolution and improvement of technology have made people gradually realize what’s possible, be it in carpooling using blockchain technology or launching a store that accepts payments in cryptocurrencies.

KidLetCoin (KID), the KidLet platform’s native currency, is bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the forefront of kids’ education as it “aims to tokenize the way kids earn their allowances or rewards.” 1 KID is said to be equivalent to one hour of schoolwork such as homework, achievements, tasks, and chores. In the future, the platform will use educational games to reward new skills gained.

A New Direction in Education

The platform brings parents and children together as it allows parents to reward their children with KID tokens for achievements and progress made, be it in reading or sports.

The main goal of KidLet is to build a global network of kids who will work together on several blockchain and educational projects and earn KID tokens in the process. This will encourage creative and innovative thinking as kids grow, giving them a great head start and essential skills for their future ahead.

The NEM blockchain protocol was established in 2015, and its leading features include “multi-signature account contracts, customizable assets, a naming system, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system.”

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