Kim Kardashian, a social media celebrity, recently posted pictures of a physical Bitcoin on her Instagram account. The attention given by a huge social media star could help in bringing some more mainstream attention to the world of cryptocurrencies. However, not everyone in the crypto community appears convinced that an endorsement by a Kardashian is what the world of digital currencies need.

Where Did Kim Get Her Bitcoin?

Kardashian was attending the First Annual “‘If Only’ Texas Hold’Em Charity Poker Tournament,” where she hosted a table. Matthew Roszak, the co-founder of Bloq, presented her with a physical Bitcoin during the event and shared this on Twitter.

Soon after, Kardashian posted pictures of the coin on her Instagram, writing “We moved onto Bitcoin,”  a message that quickly sparked conversations around the globe.

Reddit Users Take the Lead Again

Though Kardashian has millions of followers online who keep track of her moves and copy her style, Reddit cryptocurrency forums are not a place where her influence gets widespread praise. As soon as her Instagram post’s news started doing rounds, a user commented:

“This was the confirmation I was looking for that I’ve made a sound financial decision.”

Users also dug deeper to find out more about the physical BTC she was given. The picture that she posted was of a 2015 Kialara 1BTC coin. These coins were sold out and were a collector’s favorite as well. The coins were sold “unfunded,” but no one is sure if the giver funded it. To load funds into the coin screws on all four sides have to be removed, which essentially destroys the coin. This is the reason why most people keep the physical BTC unfunded.

Other users on Reddit weren’t as impressed with Kardashian’s entry into Bitcoin and suggested that the community didn’t need her support. However, some remained hopeful that the news could be huge for Bitcoin and Kim’s followers could become more interested, which could be helpful in making it go mainstream.

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