KPMG, the professional service company that touts itself as one of the Big Four Auditors along with Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, has announced a new leadership team to spearhead its blockchain strategy in the US.

The move marks another important stride toward KPMG’s growing emphasis on leveraging the rich offering of blockchain technology to polish further its core lines of business, which include advisory, audit, industries, and tax.

Arun Ghosh to Lead KPMG’s Blockchain Efforts in the US

At the helm of KPMG’s blockchain strategy in the US will be Arun Ghosh, a senior executive who brings along years of experience in analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and blockchain, the company said in a press release dated Sept. 11.

According to KPMG, Ghosh’s expertise in undertaking transformation programs across research and development, commercial operations, supply chain management, and manufacturing will immensely benefit the company’s agenda to modernize its technological inventory using blockchain and its offshoots.

The company further explained the reasoning behind this leadership change by citing the growing clout of blockchain technology across industries:

“The experimentation phase for blockchain is coming to a close with companies now embarking on the execution phase. It is much more than a technology, serving as a global transaction platform that requires an intimate knowledge of tax, global trade tariffs, financial risk implications, and core operations.”

KPMG Names New Blockchain Tax and Audit Leaders

David Jarczyk and Erich Braun will aid Ghosh as the new blockchain tax leader and blockchain audit leader, respectively.

In his new role, Jarczyk will be tasked with assessing the complicated financial and tax-related implications of blockchain adoption. His background in guiding enterprises through tax reforms is expected to play a pivotal role in KPMG’s objective to offer blockchain-based integrated tax services.

Braun, meanwhile, will evaluate the impact of new blockchain-based solutions on KPMG’s audit practice. He will also closely monitor how blockchain technology is influencing audit procedures undertaken by different companies across sectors.

As of today, KPMG has deployed a dedicated team of blockchain specialists across 30 countries all over the world. The primary responsibility of this team is to collaborate with KPMG clients representing different sectors and help them switch from legacy systems to blockchain and its derivative technologies.

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