Travel is one of the most rewarding activities human beings can engage in. Whether they are traveling halfway across the globe or staying closer to home, tourists and visitors from afar bring their customs to foreign lands and expand the minds of everyone they meet.

Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to travel abroad due to concerns about language, finding accommodations and other issues. Now a new startup aims to make international travel easier and more rewarding for travelers around the world. By providing access to local personal assistants with specific knowledge, MeetnGreetMe seeks to ease the way for weary travelers.

We spoke to MeetnGreetMe about their exciting venture, and they helped explain their platform:

“MeetnGreetMe is a marketplace where international travelers can find personal assistants/concierges among local people. MeetnGreetMe hybrid blockchain platform transforms the travel experience into a really personalized experience and lets every traveler enjoy an individualized adventure in line with their needs and budget.”

Undoubtedly, one of the things that sets MeetnGreetMe apart from others in the space is its reliance on the blockchain. By providing yet another outlet for this emerging technology, the folks at MeetnGreetMe hope to capitalize on the next big thing while facilitating an ancient and vital human need – the need to meet new people and enjoy unique experiences.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have already been used to facilitate everything from banking and credit card payments to voting and elections. Now travel is in the sights, and MeetnGreetMe is aiming to be at the forefront. The CEO Of MeetnGreetMe is not only an avid traveler but a true believer in the ability of travel to expand the mind and bring people together:

“MeetnGreetMe was designed to make travel experience personalized around the world and help travelers save their valuable time while outsourcing travel related tasks to dedicated and trustworthy local people. Travelers can request concierge services from verified local people (MeetnGreeters) in almost 300 cities around the world. We have happy customers who have already used MeetnGreetMe service during their trips.”

This extensive network should put the company in a strong position, one that many of its current competitors do not enjoy.

While the MeetnGreetMe platform is relatively new, the concept has already proven itself in many ways:

“The MeetnGreetMe platform was launched in early 2016. The website was fully operational from the very beginning – the platform gives an opportunity to request required services from a wide range available on the website. Today, there are 298 cities around the world where we have verified local MeetnGreeters.”

With nearly 300 cities already onboard and an ever-expanding network, the future of the company seems very bright indeed.

MeetnGreetMe has created a whitepaper that includes additional details about the company, its history, and its future. This document provides information on everything from the forces that created the company to where its executive team believes it is going. The whitepaper also includes key details on how well the company has been received in the marketplace, including the awards the firm has won. Those awards include the GEW 2014 award in Morocco, an accolade at the SXSW Initiative and the UN WSA 2017.

One of the major partners of the MeetnGreetMe project is TEP ( Through the platform, so-called MeetnGreeters can provide customers with online support and vital information, all using a powerful messenger app.

In addition to the TEP partnership, MeetnGreetMe is also considering partnerships with other major companies. These partnerships should allow the firm to provide even better and more comprehensive services to international travelers.

The team at MeetnGreetMe is quick to point out the competitive advantages the firm already enjoys:

“MeetnGreetMe differs from similar services by having an online platform where international travelers can hire verified local people to perform various tasks ranging from planning a trip and organizing leisure activities to arranging a transfer, accompanying to a doctor, organizing a bachelor party and much more. We thoroughly check every person who would like to be a MeetnGreeter, verification process includes a video interview with one of our team members.”

This global reach is another competitive advantage to the MeetnGreetMe concept. Travel is a worldwide enterprise, and part of the excitement of traveling lies in meeting others from different walks of life.

Instead of concierge services, which are provided on a strictly local level, MeetnGreetMe is aiming for a far more comprehensive reach. By harnessing knowledge that already exists, the firm is seeking a better travel experience, one that visitors across the globe are sure to appreciate.

Believers in the blockchain have long touted its widespread benefits, and its ability to transform entire industries. One by one, industries around the globe are being transformed by the inherent security and transparency of the blockchain, but few predicted that this emerging technology would change the face of travel. MeetnGreetMe hopes to prove that travel can indeed be transformed in this manner, and only time will tell how successful this model will be.

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