Although followed by a sharp decline, the recent cryptocurrency bull run created much wealth amongst early adopters and investors. Those that took profits were rewarded handsomely, while others saw their paper money plummet.

So what did those that cashed out do with their cash? Well, some of them bought luxury cars to show off their profit. Among the luxury cars that these crypto millionaires commonly boast are Lamborghinis. It’s sleek, elegant, and downright expensive.

A Lamborghini dealership in California told the media that over ten Lamborghinis were bought using cryptocurrencies last December 2017. It was when the price of Bitcoin peaked at around $20,000.

Realtor, Piper Moretti, who helps people buy homes with digital coins said that the “Lambo craze” in the Bitcoin community helped him with his career. It showed that digital currencies could be used to buy valuable properties.

In an age where fake news is everywhere, it makes sense for crypto advocates like Moretti to have solid proof that the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t just made up. He said that the purchased Lambos helped the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream market.

The Bitcoin-Lambo craze might seem like a marketing strategy to attract Bitcoin investors, but it isn’t. Instead, it’s wealthy investors showing off their newfound wealth, and in turn, helping to put cryptocurrencies in the spotlight. Because after all, people want to know if Bitcoin is the real thing.

Well, Bitcoin millionaires buying Lamborghinis prove just that.

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