In a new monthly report, NEO, the ‘Chinese Ethereum,’ has highlighted some of the important developments that occurred during August. The new report format is divided into four sections — Highlights, Development Progress, Community, Events, and General Progress. NEO has also declared that it would release an infographic each month for quick sharing and easy reference.

NEO’s August Highlights

NEO’s three-month-long Blockchain Game Development Competition, organized in partnership with NGD and NewEconoLabs (a Chinese developer community), ended in August. Of the 200 developers that registered in the competition, 39 entries were shortlisted for prizes.

CardMaker was given the Best Game award and received a prize amounting to RMB 800,000 in GAS. CardMaker impressed the judges with its blockchain-based game that blends RPG, card games, and user-generated content. Players would need to solve puzzles and create their own cards in order to advance in the game.

In August, the company released 10 NGD MainNet seed nodes, as well as NEO and NEO-CLI 2.8 while testing the NEO-CLI 3.0 preview. The SGAS smart contract was also “developed, tested and deployed” to the NEO Testnet.

NEO also mentioned that the network faced malicious spam attacks during the month but that effects have been minimized, saying:

“NGD and the global development community worked diligently to minimize the effect of the network attacks, and to ensure that existing safeguards functioned correctly.”

The network is also preparing to add two new safeguards to the network. First, the company is discussing to increase the minimum transaction fee to 0.001 GAS, which could further be increased to 0.01 GAS if 0.001 GAS is not high enough to prevent malicious attacks. Second, the company is testing its NEO-CLI 3.0 preview. The 3.0 preview prevents repeated validation of transactions. If the test is successful, the company plans to “merge them into master branch and release NEO-CLI v2.9.”

NEO claims that spam attacks will not have any negative impact on the network, except for delays in block generation.

How Is the Neo Community Developing?

Last month, the company opened new channels for communication between the community and NEO Global Development by holding an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the NEO subreddit. NEO founders Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang were both available for the session for the first time this year.

Moreover, a new email address,, has been opened to help the community send their feedback and recommendations to the developers. NGD also mentioned that it would pick a few suggestions each month and discuss them in the monthly report.

A smart contract framework written for NEO using Golang, neo-storm, was also released last month, followed by the City of Zion tutorial competition. NGD has already launched online NEO development courses in Chinese. It was also involved in the BSL Hackathon in Santiago, Chile, and the NEO Blockchain Challenge in Tokyo.

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