NEO Smart Economy has partnered with Zeux to allow people to use the cryptocurrency when paying for goods and services via Apple and Samsung Pay. Zeux is a Fintech company that allows users to convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat and pay for products and services. NEO will officially be made available on the Zeux app on May 7, 2019.

NEO Payment Option to Be Made Available in Stores

Zeux, a London-based FinTech announced that it has partnered with NEO Smart Economy, the team behind the NEO cryptocurrency. The company, which allows its users to convert cryptocurrency and make payments will be listing NEO tokens on its digital payment wallet in a few days.

This latest development is excellent news for NEO enthusiasts as they can spend the cryptocurrency in stores that accept Apple and Samsung Pay all over the globe. Zeux maintains that it is an all-in-one financial service provider that remains committed to providing its users with a more natural way to invest, pay for goods and services, and use banking services.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zeux, Frank Zhou reveals his excitement about their partnership with NEO. He believes that NEO is laying the foundation for a smart economy by providing developers with the tools needed to launch and scale their own smart contract applications without having to learn another unique programming language. “This strategic partnership will help us build upon our current infrastructure and expand our service to a larger audience,” Zhou added.

By listing NEO on its platform, Zeux continues its tradition of cryptocurrency adoption. Last month, Zeux added three cryptocurrencies to its payment app. It registered IOTA, Bitcoin SV, and QTUM on its platform, allowing users of these cryptocurrencies to spend them at point-of-sale terminals all over the world.

The adoption of these cryptocurrencies would allow cryptocurrency enthusiasts to spend the tokens with thousands of merchants who currently only accept fiat payments. Zeux believes the integration of these cryptocurrencies is combining the fiat and crypto worlds and providing people with the personal financial freedom they need.

Zeux Is a Multipurpose Financial Platform

The services offered by Zeux are integrated into its app, which provides users with digital bank accounts and digital wallet addresses. The app allows users to make payments at stores while also offering a wide array of investment products offered by different financial companies.

Zeux reveals that it is an FCA authorized company that charges no fees for opening an account, top-ups, money transfer, payment of fees in crypto and fiat, and withdrawals. The company is working towards making its multi-function app available to the rest of Europe this year after launching it in the UK earlier this month.

The Zeux Coin Token (ZUC) is the company’s native coin that serves as loyalty holding the token for cash back on all cryptocurrency purchases. The token can also be used as a payment fee token for all the commissions paid by financial product providers.

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