Predictions from market experts are an interesting occurrence; it seems that most are wrong (especially in 2018,) but these are quickly ignored and replaced with a fresh new set of predictions, often by the same experts that predicted wrong previously.

So as we begin 2019, thus arises the perfect opportunity for a fresh new round of cryptocurrency predictions. The latest batch comes from CNBC who recently compiled the opinions of nine ‘experts’ who have made predictions on what’s going to happen to Bitcoin and the other top 5 cryptocurrencies this year.

Will they be right or will they wrong, and does it even matter?

Tom Lee Predicts Institutional Adoption is Coming

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, who is one of the most famous backers of Bitcoin on Wall Street lowered his forecast for the price of Bitcoin multiple times last year, and he is also included in CNBC’s recent video sharing his outlook for 2019.

He believes that institutional investors were not hurt by last years bear market, and the next wave of crypto adoption is institutional adoption. He said that a lot of growth is going to be digital, and therefore, digital assets will be increasingly relevant.

Mark Yusko, founder, and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management said that there would be basically no return in US equities over the next ten years, but cryptocurrency will provide great returns.

“We are so early in this technological wave that is crypto. Volatility is real. And for investors that want an asymmetric return profile over the next decade, you take 1, 2, 3, or 4% of your portfolio, you put it in crypto assets, I think it’s going to dramatically outperform”

Yusko also sais he is willing to put his money where his mouth is and bet $1 million that crypto will outperform the S&P 500 over the next ten years.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said that we would have more clarity as to which crypto assets are commodities and which are securities. Once a clearer definition is made, market regulation for these currencies will come into play but he is unsure exactly how that will play out.

Bitcoin Could Continue Being the Leader

Brian Kelly, founder, and CEO of BKCM suggests that “everything that you say is wrong with Bitcoin is going to get fixed.” He equated this with the dot-com era, saying that the internet fixed its problems.

“As the technology progressed, it got better, and it got a higher adoption.”

Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz, Mohammed El-Erian said that Bitcoin would go through several phases, first being overconsumption and the second being an adjustment.

He said that then Bitcoin would have to find a floor and it’s worth monitoring the charts, noting that distributed ledger technology will find a stronger footing in both the public and the private sector.

Blockchain Capital partner Spencer Bogart put things into perspective saying that the Bitcoin market is retail driven, specifying that the highs could be too high, and the lows could be too low.

However, he suggests that the great fundamentals for Bitcoin remain and that 2018 was a fantastic year for BTC.

The experts featured in CNBC’s video seem optimistic about Bitcoin and other digital assets becoming more adopted including by institutions. The complete compilation video can be found on CNBC’s website.

You can find our detailed outlook for the top 5 Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap in 2019 here.

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