A Wccftech report suggested that Nvidia could launch its much-awaited next-gen graphics card in August. The shipping of the card to the companies add-in-board (AIB) partners could begin in August/September. The company is expected to announce the chip formally before shipping starts.

Multiple reports about the GPU launching in Q3 stated that Nvidia would likely avoid the delay and go ahead with its plan despite news that its current gen cards are overstocked in the market.

Wccftech Report Claims Seeding Will Begin Soon

Wccftech’s Usman Pirzada wrote that he received confirmation that GeForce add-in-board partners would be getting the next-gen Nvidia graphics cards next month. The nomenclature for the cards is not confirmed, but they are expected to be the GeForce GTX 1180 range. The company’s new Turing architecture will power the cards from the company.

He also noted that the initial shipments could be limited, with the numbers staying close to 150 to 300 chips per AIB. Many of these chips will be used for development purposes.

On the other hand, TSMC confirmed that they are starting mass production of NVIDIA 7nm GPUs. Pirzada stated that it could “indicate that the Turing architecture (and therefore the GTX 1180) will be based on the 7nm process.” He also suggested that supply would not increase for at least a month after the launch.

The new chip is expected to bring double-digit performance improvement over the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Other Sources Point to an Upcoming Launch

Cooling fan maker, Power Logic, is expecting strong revenue growth in the second half of the year, powered by the GPU cooling fan shipments as well as its new car ventilation fans. Hsu Wen-Feng, company chairman, said that 85 percent of their annual revenues come from cooling fans for gaming PCs. He expects the revenue growth to be stronger in the third quarter as Nvidia unveils the next-gen GPU.

Another website VideoCardz suggested that Nvidia has started sending invites for its Gamescom event beginning on August 21. The invitation does not mention the new GeForce series GPU, but it promises a hands-on presentation of the latest PC gaming title. However, the website noted that “no one would offer a free trip to Europe if it weren’t important.”

The website also hinted that AMD could be planning a similar event. However, no other details about their plans are available yet.

A Q3 launch of the next-gen cards could be good news for PC gamers who had to struggle with price rise after crypto miners swept away most cards from the market. Now, the previous gen cards are in less demand by the miners, and the mining activity itself has subsided due to falling crypto prices. Gamers should expect a top performing GPU by Christmas 2018.

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