Tron Arcade announced recently that TronGoo, a revitalization of the popular Ethereum game EtherGoo, is coming to the Tron network.

The goal for players in the game is to gather as much Goo as they can, either by producing it themselves or by stealing it from others.

The more Goo players collect the more TRX they earn.

Why Is TronGoo so Important for Tron?

EtherGoo was the first competitive idle game that used the blockchain, and after it launched, it quickly overtook CryptoKitties as the #1 DApp regarding daily active users and total transaction volume.

The arrival of TronGoo means that players can now enjoy faster transactions and a smoother experience, according to Tron.

The EtherGoo team led by MrBlobby and the Tron Shrimp team led by Mr. Fahrenheit, both highly successful DApp development teams in their own right have formed a partnership and are now working together.

Tron Arcade hopes their DApp creations will bring a lot of enjoyment to the TRON community.

Tron Arcade noted in the blog post:

“The TRON network and the TRON Arcade fund will always welcome developers with open arms. We’re confident that working together will allow our technology and communities to fuel the next wave of innovation and adoption.”

The game will also further helps Tron show the world that it is a developer-friendly blockchain.

How Will the Gameplay Work?

Players will produce Goo in the game, but they will also be able to steal it from others. The aim is to collect as much Goo as possible.

Players can earn TRX by producing Goo or by depositing it into the Goo Deposit Box.

The most active players, thus, get rewarded the most.

Each player gets a free Goo production unit to start with and a cute kitten scientist, which work together to produce a small amount of Goo each second. From that point, players are in a race to build their Goo empires.

As soon as the players start accumulating Goo, they can use it to buy production units and barracks. With production units, the players can increase their output by buying more units or by upgrading them. With the barracks, you can build units for attack and defense which enables you to steal other peoples Goo as well as protect your own.

Player can only attack once every 30 minutes; however, they must be strategic as their own defense will be halved during the cooldown period.

Attacks will only be successful when the player’s attack stats are higher than the other’s defense stats.

The simple gameplay comes with the added bonus of players receiving TRX while having fun. Players can also earn additional TRX by refering their friends.

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