Pornhub Shows Openness to Cryptocurrencies But Chooses Verge Instead of Litecoin

One of the biggest pornography websites, Pornhub, has announced their preference of XVG (Verge), previously known as Dogecoin Dark. It also decided to accept cryptos as payment for purchases both on the original site, as well as on Pornhub premium production platforms like Digital Playground and Brazzers.

Pornography joins in on the crypto trend

A new statement from Pornhub’s Vice president, Corey Price, announces that this is exciting news for both the crypto world, as well as for the adult industry. He says that the company has studied the development of cryptocurrencies and that it is the right time for Pornhub to join in on the trend, despite the current relatively low adoption of crypto.

Pornhub’s decision was followed by a video appearing on YouTube, with a futuristic dialogue between grandfather and grandson in the year 2077. The dialogue includes a look back, in which XVG becomes the worldwide accepted currency.

Despite the fact that most crypto enthusiasts would choose Litecoin over Verge, Pornhub decided to refuse an offer made by Charlie Lee, and chose XVG instead. This is, at least, something that can be deduced by watching their Twitter account:

Even though Pornhub seemingly turned their back on Litecoin, Charlie Lee believes that accepting cryptos – any cryptos – will have a positive impact on the entire industry.

Back in March, Verge asked of its users a significant donation at about $3 million in XVG. They stated that it was necessary in order to disclose a new partnership. The confirmation of the alliance was initially supposed to go public on March 26, but they decided to postpone it until April 17.

What will happen to Verge?

XVG is known for their attempts to be the currency focused on anonymity, which is why, at first, you might think that it is the best option for a website such as Pornhub. However, back in January of this year, a website capable of linking Verge transactions to IP addresses appeared. Because of this site, many now believe that Verge team’s privacy promises might be exaggerated and that it might be in the same league with that of Litecoin, Bitcoin, and similar cryptos.

Still, Verge is known for acting the exact opposite of most cryptos. For example, back in December 2017, when the value of most currencies skyrocketed, XVG was not doing so well. That changed recently, and while other currencies’ prices dropped, the value of Verge started increasing. On April 17, the day of the confirmation of their partnership with Pornhub, the price went slightly above $0.113, which is a new peak for this digital currency.

So, after multiple delays, the partnership is finally confirmed. However, the price of XVG dropped again, and it is currently closer to $0.067. The drop might indicate that XVG’s users are not supportive of the partnership announcement. Many of them probably hoped that Verge’s partnership might include businesses like eBay, PayPal, or Amazon. Instead, they got Pornhub. Despite this, the partnership is seen as another step in the right direction for cryptocurrencies in general, and it represents another battle won, in the war of acceptance.

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