/r/Cryptocurrency Gets Tough on Crypto Ads

The popular /r/Cryptocurrency subreddit has unveiled some new security policies

Reddit is the next place to curb misleading crypto related marketing attempts. Mods of the subReddit /r/Cryptocurrency are making moves of their own to protect users and ensure good content on their board. The forum is banning shilling attempts, as well as memes. Never fear, your daily dose of crypto-funny will be moved to a new location, and sales attempts will have a safe home too.

Social media is biting back against deceptive crypto ads, hard

Facebook, Google, Twitter… now Reddit. The popular /r/Cryptocurrency thread has unveiled some new security policies concerning cryptocurrency ads, misinformation campaigns, and even memes. The subReddit has grown over the last year, like anything else crypto related, and has seen an influx of low-quality posts, misleading information, and spam.

Community moderators recently posted that their new policies seek to put the kibosh on the growing trend of coordinated misinformation and manipulation tactics. According to mods, Reddit Admins have confirmed the existence of a number of groups dedicated to misleading users about cryptocurrency, as well as manipulating crypto market perception. Reddit Admins had to ban more than 800 accounts in one day due to these practices.

Exactly what is happening to /r/Cryptocurrency?

Mods of /r/Cryptocurrency have enacted a couple of ways to reduce trash posts on their subReddit. Mostly, this is a fracturing of /r/Cryptocurrency into a couple of new places. /r/Cryptocurrency will remain for serious discussion related to the topic, but memes and off-topic posts are being migrated to their own spaces.

/r/Cryptocurrencymemes is the new home of any meme related to crypto and should prove to be a fun and be a distracting sub. The sub is devoted to comedy and pictorial representations related to crypto and aims to keep off-topic content away from the main sub.

Speaking of off-topic content, this has a new home too. “Low-quality posts” and off “topic content” are being redefined a little bit in this space. Now, spammy shilling posts will fall into banned content. This helps to keep the sub cleaner, because those types of posts serve to do nothing but annoy users, undermine the coin being shilled, and clog up the sub feed. Now, users will be able to post about their new coin or product, but only in a limited quantity of posts. Users are also encouraged to place those posts in the newly created “Daily Discussion Thread,” which is pinned to the top of the /r/Cryptocurrency feed.

The hardline from moderators of the sub is this: /r/Cryptocurrency mods will not tolerate content that is designed to target specific individuals, or to harass people. Additionally, aggressive responses designed to destroy serious and fruitful discussion (i.e. Trolls) will be removed. Rumors will also be seen in a negative light, and will likely be banned.

The mods are doing a good thing here

If you are on /r/Cryptocurrency, some if not all of this will sound like music to your ears. The sub has become increasingly difficult to follow due to all the memes, sales pitches, and trolls. Thanks to the mods for trying to clean it up.

In case you are wondering about the full list of changes, check them out here.

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