Ripple’s SVP of Marketing Monica Lang hosted an AMA session for Q4 with CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

Lang asked him questions about the SEC, regulations around the world and more.

Regulations in the US and the World

Lang asked him about regulations, one of the most dominant themes of this year in the crypto markets.

Garlinghouse said that regulatory clarity in markets outside of the US has been better.

He talked about Abu Dhabi, Thailand and other markets where central banks have strived for regulatory clarity. He also said that the SEC needs to provide more clarity on the issue.

Lang also asked him the reasons why XRP is not a security. He said:

“if Ripple, the company, shuts down, XRP will continue to trade. Ripple is one important participant in the XRP ecosystem, but there are a whole bunch of participants.”

It’s worth remembering that the SEC had previously stated that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities but remained silent on XRP and some other coins.

Bitcoin Mining and Other Points

Lang asked Garlinghouse about what’s on his mind as 2018 is ending. He said that he is focused on three things.

First, the state of the cryptocurrency market as a whole, as the industry has gone through a tough time with the bearish market throughout the year.

Second, the state of regulations in the crypto markets globally and thirdly, the growth of Ripple.

He said that 2018 had been a “heroic year” for Ripple.

He also talked about some of his predictions about the market, including the demise of the ICO sector.

However, he is also predicting increased participation by institutional investors in 2019.

Brad also talked about bank’s adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially XRP, saying that it is still early days:

“This is going to be a marathon. I look at where we are in that marathon relative to where one could have hoped. We are so far ahead of the competition. I’m thrilled.”

The full interview can be found here.

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