’s Roger Ver recently appeared for an interview with Bloomberg where he talked about hacking, regulations and the slumping prices of digital currencies. Ver is bullish on cryptocurrencies and has wished the Bitcoin SV team good luck.

The Price Slump in Digital Coins

At Bloomberg: Daybreak Europe, Roger was asked whether Bitcoin prices have reached the floor. He replied that nobody knows if the cryptocurrency has hit the floor and that is part of the excitement around the coin. He said that nobody knows if the cryptocurrency is going to go up, down or sideways, at least in the short term.

November 2018 was the worst month for Bitcoin in the past seven years as the cryptocurrency intensified its decline to 80% from its all-time highs. Roger said that he is:

“Investing on fundamentals. Long term, the future is brighter than ever. There is more awareness; there is more adoption, there is more stuff happening all over the world. Of course, I am bullish on the entire crypto ecosystem and Bitcoin Cash specifically.”

Frauds, Hacks and More in Crypto Industry

When asked whether the crypto industry is being undermined because of frauds and hacks, he noted that the fact that the hackers are trying to steal crypto suggest that they see value in the coins. When asked about the FSA in Japan and regulations, Ver said that the people who have knowledge about the industry are the ones who work in the industry.

He said that thinking that a government official somewhere knows more about cryptocurrencies and how they work is “just naïve.” He said that the industries own people are the right ones to be handling regulations.

Talking about the split in Bitcoin Cash, Ver said that we have to look into cryptocurrencies as currencies, not as speculators. He wished every crypto project good luck as they are bringing more economic freedom to the world.

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