Tron, a blockchain infrastructure for a decentralized Internet, announced last week that it is enhancing the security of its mobile-first cryptocurrency wallet by natively integrating biometric technology.

With this move, TronWallet users can now use fingerprint, touch ID, and Face ID to securely store TRX coins and authenticate transactions.

What’s New in the Latest TronWallet Update?

The update hit both the iOS and Android variants of the TronWallet app.

Interestingly, the iOS variant of the app received the update barely a month since its debut on the iOS App Store. The release of TronWallet for iOS was delayed for a combination of technical issues and an unusually lengthy screening by the App Store. Even then, the app was more like a trimmed-down variant of its Android counterpart as it carried only the basic-most features.

Tron says the new biometric features enable TRX holders to leverage their mobile devices’ built-in functionality to pay with TRX and its offshoot utility tokens by using a QR scanner. Alternatively, users can also send TRX and other utility tokens using a wallet address or a QR code.

The app also allows users to request payments by creating a unique QR code/transaction. And the best part — all these security features can be accessed with the newly added technological compliance with fingerprint and Face ID.

One more notable addition in the new version of the app is the ability to support freezing and unfreezing of tokens. Users can also use the updated TronWallet for iOS/Android mobile app to vote for Tron Super Representatives.

To add more charm to the update, Tron has optimized TronWallet to let users invest in other TRX-based utility tokens with an ICO mechanism and securely store those tokens right on their mobile devices.

The TronWallet app is currently available in 29 languages across platforms with an active user base of 20,000 or so.

More Updates Await Tron Network Users in the Near Future

Tron is currently working on a new peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange that will enable users to trade tokens without requiring any assistance from a middleman. This much-awaited update is likely to hit the network on the mobile append of Q4 2018.

Additionally, Tron also plans on launching a new beta version of a web widget by the end of 2018. This widget will be aimed at making the sales of ICO tokens easier and more streamlined.

Furthermore, all goes as per plan, Tron could release a new web browser in Q1 2019 to accelerate its ongoing work on decentralized applications.

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