With the evolution of the blockchain, tokenization of assets is becoming an important facet of the crypto economy. Rate3, a Singapore based company is also looking forward to creating an ecosystem where money, real estate, stocks, time and intellectual property can be tokenized, using applications built on public blockchain networks. The company is working to make its vision come true, using the Ethereum and Stellar blockchains and $17 million in funding.

The Available Tokenization Market

Rate3 values the tokenization market for addressable assets at $700 trillion, and the company intends to get a slice of this vast potential economy. It is banking upon the numerous benefits of the blockchain, which includes cheap transactions and fast settlements around the clock.

The company recently received $17 million in funds from Insignia Ventures, Alpha JWC, Matrix Partners China, Node Capital, Fenbushi Digital and FBG Capital to create solutions that could help in creating tokenized assets on the blockchain.

Rate3 CEO Jake Goh said that tokenization is the first major milestone that brings enterprises closer to the open, public blockchains. He said:

“We envision a future whereby all assets of material value will become tokenized and easily transferable on blockchains. This will greatly add to the liquidity of the asset and in turn improve the enterprises’ working capital position and operational efficiency.”

Solving Real-world Problems With Tokenization

Two major problems could be cited with enterprises in regards to blockchain adoption. First, there is a lack of secure and common legal framework that binds real-world assets to digital tokens. Secondly, the identity ecosystem remains fragmented.

Rate3 will solve these two issues by working with independent, licensed trust companies that could provide absolute legal guarantees of asset ownership. The model depends on transparency and confidence that a token holder is fully locally compliant and can opt for legal recourse should his ownership of an asset come under question.

The two platforms to be used for the new solutions would be Ethereum and Stellar. Ethereum’s Turing-complete programming language and the payments-optimized design of Stellar will help the company in creating applications that foster faster and cheaper transactions. Rate3 brings interoperability for the two ecosystems, utilizing the benefits of each of the public blockchains.

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