Just weeks after being acquired by Nike Inc., NFT studio RTFKT collaborated with leading NFT gallery Oncyber to jointly launch Space Pods. 

What are Space Pods?

CloneX NFT collectors were airdropped one exclusive 2021 Space Pod each. These virtual spaces are metaverse-ready gallery capsules to customize, upgrade and show off your NFTs. The launch took place just days after the much-anticipated launch of the CloneX NFTs by RTFKT. 

Space Pod Giveaway

Currently, metaverse framing project Frahm.art is running a raffle to give away one such Space Pod. The current market value is approximately 0.25 ETH or $1000. Check out the tweet from the Frahm.art Twitter account to participate:

Frahm is a project innovating in framing NFTs in these digital galleries. In this process, the frame itself becomes a piece of art and an NFT artifact.

The Future of NFTs

NFTs are set to lead crypto into the mainstream. The intersection of digital art, collectibles, and e-gaming will be one of the hottest sectors next year. Global lifestyle brands like Adidas and Nike making their moves into the space next to celebrities like Snoop Dogg becoming a renowned NFT collector are just the early innings of what is to come. 

A clear market trend is noticeable where NFT galleries like Oncyber are evolving into much more than just art galleries. At the same time, PFP projects like CloneX are evolving into global brands. Owning a CloneX is equal to being a first-class citizen within its ecosystem and community. 

The vision for these ecosystems is to evolve into an interconnected world of metaverse spaces. In this future, the Space Pod can become the home base for your CloneX. The same CloneX which will be used as an avatar in video games and character in an animated series. 

We can only imagine what the metaverse will ultimately look like. Space Pods give you a first glance.

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