A Reddit user’s post is catching the attention of several other EOS holders. The user claims to have lost 15000 EOS tokens bought in mid-May. The wallets could not be activated till June 2, because of which he could not participate in the token migration event. Now that EOS blockchain has migrated all the tokens and made its blockchain public, the user is left with 15000 unusable tokens.

An Unfortunate Circumstance Leads to Another

June 2 was set as the deadline for all EOS users to activate their wallets and get token migration support from Block.one. However, a user named “eoslatecomer” on Reddit couldn’t do this because of some “life circumstance.” He now has 15000 tokens in his ERC20 wallet, bought for 30 Bitcoins over a month ago, which he cannot use. The user claims to have contacted Block.one, but they mentioned that they couldn’t help him and replied: “Thank you for contacting us. Have a good day!

The user says that he hopes the EOS community will activate unregistered addresses someday so that his problem could be solved. The user further notes:

“Of course, someone will say that all was specified in the rules and it’s my fault I have lost everything. But this is not just a game where someone writes an interesting scenario while others become winners and losers. Everyone is responsible for something he sells. And every contract can be recognized as contradicting the law in some cases – this must always be borne in mind.”

Can EOS Do Something for the User?

The Block.one team has already notified the user that his tokens cannot be recovered now. However, eosauthroity.com offers some help to those who could not register for the mainnet migration. However, the user seems frustrated with the turn of events. He further adds:

“My 15000 EOS burned, and their dollar equivalent remained. This is rather convenient for the seller, but not for the buyer. This company is well aware of the token amount issued. Anyway, each token should be replaced by EOS MAINNET (if developers are honest and decent people). I.e., each token must be provided with EOS MAINNET.”

He also said that the developers must have realized that there will always be a few latecomers. They could have created a fund for permanent token exchange for the mainnet or used some other mechanism to help the users.

Other users commented on the thread and asked “eoslatecomer” to use eosauthority.com or EOS911. But he maintains that none of the methods worked. He has urged other users who are going through the same issue to contact him via email, suggesting that only the court could help them now.

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