TRON’s bounty hunt programs have ranged from crazy to outrageous. One of the most promising start-ups in the cryptocurrency industry and the 12th largest digital coin in the world is now offering 6,666 tokens to bounty hunters who can unlock private keys from an image.

TRON Founder Justin Sun Announces the Bounty Hunt

In a Friday tweet, Justin Sun said:

However, by current prices, 6,666 TRX tokens is only worth $140. The TRON Foundation detailed the rules of the bounty hunt in a Medium post. It read:


Based on the picture below, complete the correct private key. The first one to get it right will receive 6,666 TRX in the wallet.

Wallet Address: TQE8ymfa8Br3dzfy7REPHmMiWSzFbyySJM.”

They also announced that the event will end at 12 pm on August 28, and the remaining TRX in the unlocked wallets will go to their next Bounty Hunting event. The company has also slated a live stream on August 30 at 10:30, where they are offering a chance to win 58,888 TRX tokens worth over $1,200.

Another important news for the community is that they are now listed on Kryptono Exchange. Sun tweeted:

On the other hand, Kryptono Exchange tweeted:

TRON’s Previous Hunts

At the time of its mainnet launch, TRON Foundation offered a $100k bounty to anyone who found bugs or loopholes in the network. The prize was later increased to $10 million, which is outrageous, even by cryptocurrency standards. Ten million dollars was not the total bug bounty prize but what TRON was willing to pay per discovery.

The current prize they are offering is quite small, considering what they have offered in the past. While most crypto entities start their bug programs with rewards of $100, they could reach a maximum of thousands of dollars. A recent example of this is commission-free crypto exchange Robinhood, which is offering between $100 and $50,000 for finding bugs and vulnerabilities in their system.

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